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---General Information---

Name: Nakano Ryoto.

Rank: 8th Company Captain. (Formerly 8th Company, 4th Seat.)

Age:  246.

Gender: Male

Race: Shinigami.

Theme song: Rolling Star by YUI.


Hair: Dark brown.

Eyes: Dark green.

Height: 5 ft 6 in.

Weight: 145.5 lbs.

Build: Lean, but muscled.

Personality: Calm, quiet, outgoing and humble.


“Smash and bleed, Naichi Tokotsu.” - Releasing his Zanpakutou.

“Eh…? But I’m tired… Get someone else to do it.” - When forced to do paper-work.


Nakano Ryoto was born in the 29th District of the Rukongai and was a natural prodigy with a sword. Upon his parent’s request, he entered the Shin’o Academy at the age of 97 and graduated at the age of 100, completing his course in half the time of usual graduates. However, when he became a Seated Officer and was sent on an important mission to kill a Gillian-Class Menos, he failed and was bounced around from Company to Company until he was placed in 8th Company under Shunsui Kyoraku. Under the tutelage of the Captain, he finally overcame his fear of the Hollows and began to live up to his rank, finally slaying the Gillian. Since then, the young Shinigami became one of the few Seated Officers to master Bankai and reach a Captain-Level state of strength. He has since been promoted to Captain during the Thousand Year Blood War.

---Battle Information---

Strengths: Close-range combat (unarmed and armed), subduing opponents (unarmed and armed), minor mid-range combat and combat strategy.

Weaknesses: Long-range combat, extremely prolonged battles (3 to 4 hours), overestimations leading to over cautiousness and laziness leading to shallow blows.

Fighting Style: Ryoto prefers to remain within sword’s reach of opponents below captain’s level, mainly because he has a habit of grabbing them and pulling them into a Muay-Thai clinch. When his opponents are within his clinch, he delivers knees to their chest and face until unconscious. However, if his opponent is of sufficient power (Eg; Tier Harribel), Ryoto will only use his weapon against them. He has a hatred for long range combat, despite the fact that his Shikai’s special ability is designed for mid-of-long range combat. In his words, he “he is far too lazy and has to channel far too much Reiatsu for the cuts to do any decent damage at a long range.”

Zanpakutou: Naichi Tokotsu (泣い血頭骨 Lit. Weeping Blood Skull.) is a normal-length katana with a round tsuba and black handle wrapping. The tsuba is round and contains two half-circle holes near the handle of the weapon, as well as cloud pattern decorations on either side. The fuchi-kashira has an image of a five-headed serpent upon the bottom. Most metal on the weapon, aside from the blade, is partially rusted.

Sealed form: Katana.

Spirit: Naichi Tokotsu is a skeleton that bleeds from the eye sockets of the skull, as well as from the tips of his fingers. The skeleton has five serpents sliding and moving around within his rib-cage. He is dressed in the standard Shinigami Shihakusho with a Captain’s Haori that lacks a Squad Number on the back. The spirit also has a long black beard and a helmet of what seems to be Chinese origin.

Release Phrase: Yaburu to chūki. (破ると抽気 Lit. Smash and bleed.)

Shikai: In the Shikai form, the blade of Naichi Tokotsu turns into a sharpened bone and begins to exude blood from the habaki (blade collar) which, when the blade is swung hard enough, turns into a type of projectile as well as acting as an extra blade and a shield.

  • Sakebi, Naichi Tokotsu (叫び, 泣い血頭骨 Lit. Scream, Weeping Blood Skull.) is the first of Naichi Tokotsu’s projectile abilities. The blood leaking from the habaki is infused with reiatsu and flung at the opponent via slashes or stabs, causing a large crescent shaped or lance-like attack.

  • Sore kudake, Naichi Tokotsu (それ砕け, 泣い血頭骨 Lit. Smash them, Weeping Blood Skull.) is the second and final of Naichi Tokotsu’s projectile abilities. Upon using the command, the blood leaking from the habaki is turned into multiple jagged Anken and sent flying at the opponent of the user in a fashion similar to Bakudo #62: Hyapporankan.

  • Idomu, Naichi Tokotsu (挑む, 泣い血頭骨 Lit. Challenge, Weeping Blood Skull.) is the first of Naichi Tokotsu’s defensive abilities. Upon using the command, the blood from the weapon dashes out in front of the user, blocking most attacks from a captain-level fighter.

  • Sorera o hoji, Naichi Tokotsu (それらを保持, 泣い血頭骨 Lit. Keep them, Weeping Blood Skull.) is the second and final of Naichi Tokotsu’s defensive abilities. Upon using the command, the blood leaking from the habaki launches out around the user and their friends in an area of around 20 feet. The shield has been shown to be able to withstand (albeit barely) a Cero from the Primera Espada, Coyote Starkk.

Bankai: Gotokotsu Yōso Hebi (五頭骨要素蛇 Lit. Five Skulls Element Snake) is the Bankai of Naichi Tokotsu. The katana grows and turns into a large, rusted Naginata that stands at around nine feet tall with a two foot jagged bone blade. The blood from the habaki begins to flow so freely that it gathers in a 5 foot pool around the feet of its user.

  • Bankai Special Ability: When commanded, the pool of blood becomes an five-headed serpent, each spitting a stream of corrosive blood that is imbued with one of the Five Elements, being Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal, each having a different effect upon a target.


  • Master Swordsman: From a young age, Ryoto showed an extreme proficiency with a Zanpakutou, being able to easily defeat the best swordsman from most Rukongai DIstricts, including Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Hasegawa. His ability with his weapon is said to be on par with most Kenpachi, excluding Yachiru Unohana and Kenpachi Zaraki.

  • Naginatajutsu Master: Having trained with his Bankai for an extensive period of time, with weapon training from his friend Ikakku Madarame, Ryoto has learned how to effectively use the weapon state of his Bankai.

  • Hakuda Master: From a young age, Ryoto showed an extreme proficiency with hand-to-combat, having learned from former 12th Company Captain, Kisuke Urahara, when they were both stationed in the Maggot’s Nest and briefly from 2nd Company Captain, Yoruichi Shihoin. His skill in Hakuda was displayed against Quincy Sternritter, Meninas McAllon, when he stopped a punch while she was under the effects of The Power and proceeded to send her through a dozen buildings with Sokotsu.

  • Kido Practitioner: Despite being 8th Company Captain, Ryoto shows barely any affinity for Kido. He admits to Candice Catnipp and Meninas McAllon that he was never one for the whole Kido stuff, so he never gave it a proper try. The only spell he can use efficiently is Hado Number 1: Sho.

  • Shunpo Expert: As a former member of the Maggot’s Nest Detention Unit, Ryoto is highly proficient with Shunpo. He was able to keep up with Byakuya Kuchiki while they were in Hueco Mundo. However, he never learned any special Shunpo skills.

  • Great Spiritual Power: As the Captain of 8th Company, he boasts a great amount of spiritual energy. His reiatsu is Orange-Red.

  • Enhanced Strength: Despite his relatively small size, Ryoto is immensely strong. He has been shown to be powerful enough to stop an empowered punch from Meninas McAllon whilst she was under the influence of her The Power with one hand. He has also been shown to be able to lift various massive opponents such a Choe Neng Poww and Yammy Llargo whilst in his Ressurecion state, albeit with great effort.

  • Enhanced Endurance: Despite his relatively small size, Ryoto has immense endurance and stamina. He has been shown to be able to take repeated punches from Yammy Llargo, Candice Catnipp and Meninas McAllon, all who are above captain-level combatants, with little more than bruises and cuts. He has also withstood a point-blank Cero from Tier Harribel and survived to attempt to finish her off, albeit with a missing left arm.

Allegiance: Gotei 13.

Other notes:

  • Ryoto’s favourite food is Gyoza (Japanese Pan-Fried Dumplings) and his least favourite food is Miso soup.

  • Ryoto’s favourite season is Spring.

  • Ryoto’s favourite holiday is the Soul King’s Birthday.

  • Ryoto’s favourite colour is Dark Orange.

  • It has been noted that Ryoto enjoys travelling to the Human world, the reason being he uses it as an escape from having to do any form of paper-work.

  • Ryoto is terrified of most of his fellow Captains, the main ones being Yachiru Unohana and Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

  • Rumours began to circulate during Ryoto’s time in 2nd Company that he was romantically involved with his Captain at the time, Soi Fon. The rumours abruptly stopped once the 2nd Company caught wind of them, however.
Nakano Ryoto, 8th Company Captain.
Ho boy, I spent way too much time on this one. BUT, it is the best one I've written for a long time.

A revision of my Shinigami!Self. I like this one more. Is good.
Name: Sion Tiberius Mateba.
Aliases: The Lone Ranger, Big Iron and .50 Cal. Quick-Draw.
Age: 28 years old.
Gender: Male.
DOB: 28th of March, unknown year.
POB: Unknown, presumed to be somewhere in California.
Race: Hispanic.
Sexuality: Pansexual, heavy female leanings.
Karma: Good.
Height: 5 foot 9 inches. ( 175.26 centimeters. )
Weight: 176 lbs. ( 80 kilograms. )
Eyes: Bright green.
Hair: Dark brown.
Skin colour: Tanned.
Build: Muscular and toned, broad shouldered.
Current Residence: Nomadic. ( The Strip, New Vegas. )
Current Occupation: NCR Ranger, NCR Bounty Hunter and NCR Scout.
  • Mateba Model 6 Unica, .50 Caliber Revolver.
  • Big Iron, Scoped and Silenced M14 Garand.
  • NCR Rangers Helmet w/ Night and Thermal vision settings.
  • NCR Rangers Armour w/ Thickened armoring, thickened kevlar and heavy coat. 
  • Father: Unknown, deceased.
  • Mother: Unknown, deceased.
Factions and Allegiances:

  • NCR: Sion is one of their top Scouts and Man-Hunter, meaning that they love him and they keep him armed, fed and well-cared for. Sion merely serves with honour, hoping to bring peace to the Wasteland.
  • Caesar's Legion: He has a slight respect for some members, but most of them are merely scum to scrap the bottom of his boots.
  • Great Khans: Sion doesn't really care about the Khans and just lets them be if they don't mess with him.
  • Brotherhood of Steel: Sion is on shaky terms with the Brotherhood, only able to maintain what little friendship they have with trade goods and basic supplies.
  • Fiends and Raiders: Merely poor people that were turned to their lives now by the Legion and the NCR. Unfortunate casualties of war.
Sion T. Mateba, the Lone Ranger.
Aliases: Reaper, Ghost Two-Seven and Ghost Goof (used by Chloe Lynch).
Gender: Male.
DOB: UNKNOWN, presumed to be late 90's.
POB: UNKNOWN, accent dictates Australia.
Race: Caucasian.
Height: 5 ft 7 in.
Weight: 143.3 lbs.
Eyes: Deep green.
Hair: Dirty brown.
Skin color: Tanned.
Body Type: Well-toned.
Rank: Lieutenant.
Unit:SEAL Team Six, Task Force: STALKER (formerly).
  • Kryptek: Typhoon Skorpion EVO w/ EOTech Sight, Foregrip and Fast Mag.
  • Kryptek: Typhoon Ballista w/ Dual Band Sight, Ballistics CPU and Fast Mag.
  • Kryptek: Typhoon Five-Seven w/ Laser Sight, Tactical Knife and Fast Mag.
  • Kryptek: Typhoon SMR w/ ACOG Scope, Foregrip and Fast Mag.
  • Tactical knife.
  • Varied Grenades.
  • Access Kit.
Clothing / Armour:
  • Task Force: STALKER regular issue fatigues w/ hood and varied pouches, pockets and pads.
  • Flak Jacket / Bullet-Proof vests.
  • Data Paired glove.
  • HUD Glasses w/ Thermal vision.
  • Skull pattern Balaclava.
The silent assault specialist known only as 'Reaper' is a silent but deadly assault specialist, taking up his place in SEAL Team Six along with Section, Harper, Crosby and Salazar. Not much is known about the soldier, other than he used to serve with Task Force: STALKER, also know as Ghost Squad. His record and profile are referred to as a 'Night Profile' by Admiral Briggs due to the unusually large amount of black ink covering the various details of his previous missions as well as who he actually is. The Lieutenant also has the designation of "Hyper-Lethal", making him one of five people in the entire US Military alongside David and Alex Mason as well as Logan and Elias Walker.
SEAL Team Six Assault Specialist 'Reaper'.
Because I've been playing Call of Duty campaigns again. This time, Black Ops II. Also, FUCK YOU RESEARCH PAGES.

... I want that Heliolisk.
Look at this doll. Tell me what you see.
Black pine... From the high mountains!
White horse hair... Imperial Stallions.
*sniff* Sulfur, from cannons.
This doll came from a village in the Tung Shao Pass, where the Imperial Army is waiting for us.
We can avoid them easily!
No... The quickest way to the Emperor is through that pass...
Besides, the little girl will be missing her doll... We should return it to her.


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Guild Wars 2 Charr Stamp by Calaval GW2 Guardian Stamp by Calaval

Name: The Great Rock Wraith.

D.O.B : 25/01/1995

Zodiac: Aquarius and Ox

Blood type: AB


Height: 6 ft 4 inches tall

Weight: 74 kg

Hair colour:Light Brown

Eye colour:Green

Interests: Turtles, writing some good stories, excellent literature, League of Legends, The Tooth Fairy (RoTG), lettuce and Pepsi.

Dislikes: So many things... SOOO many things...

Favourite food: Burritoes

Favourite colour: Red, Black and Purple

Favourite art style: Depends really... Does good art count?

Favourite subject: English. (Creative writing.)

Favourite Movie: LoTR Trilogy.

Favourite Book: The Hobbit and the LoTR Trilogy.

Signature Move: "Kao Shadanki" or "Face Breaker", a Spinning heel kick delivered to an opponents face, usually either breaking a cheek or the nose.

Yeah, I know I look young. I've been getting that crap since 9th grade. I'm older than I look. A LOT older than I look. I currently live in Queesnland, Australia. I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I moved here when I was 4 years old. No, I don't have an Australian accent, nor do I have a Spanish one. I actually have a Scottish accent after spending 2 years in Scotland on exchange. It's weird. I know that much. But I ain't trying to be normal. I also can't draw that well (YET.). I tend to just write things. My mascot is The Greedling, because I came up with him about 9 years ago, and I will upload a picture of it soon. (It's a monster that can change the course of history, for a price). My most prominent nick-name is Greed, because I have a tendency to hoard Skittles, Pepsi, and various other things from my family and friends. And I also tend to "liberate" my friends pencils and pens. Anything else you wanna know? NO?! Good!

Then let me ask you, if your God would allow my madness to flourish across the globe, then wouldn't it seem to you that any god like that would be just as mad as I?

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